Dark Sky Festival 2015

Dark_Sky_Fest_Poster_2015 (Update)

The International Dark-Sky Association South Florida Chapter is proud to announce:
Palm Beach County’s 3rd Annual Dark Sky Festival
Saturday, February 21st from 6-10pm
at the Okeeheelee Nature Center in West Palm Beach, FL
The purpose is to raise public awareness about light pollution and sky glow in our area. Sky glow is caused by wasteful lighting practices and fixtures that allow light to escape upward. It wastes energy and impacts wildlife including sea turtles, frogs, birds, mammals and insects; and makes it difficult to view and enjoy the wonders of starlight in the night sky.

This family-friendly event will highlight the issues, offer solutions and feature stargazing, presentations and vendors. Don’t miss it !!

For directions, visit the nature center’s website (click here)

Hosted By:

  • Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation
  • Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management
  • IDA South Florida

Dark_Sky_Fest_Poster_2015 (Update)

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