Lighting Laws

There are 38 municipalities in Palm Beach County. Nine of them, plus the county itself, have established regulations about light pollution. You can find the relevant codes, with links to the actual regulation where available, in the table below (data from the FWC master list, updated regularly and available here).

Municipality/EntityDate Adopted/UpdatedOrdinance/CodeCode Enforcement Contact
Palm Beach County1987/1996/199Land Development Code, Article 14, Chapter AJacey Biery (561) 233-2461
Boca Raton1986/1999/2002Chapter 23, Article IV, Division 7Doug Sheedy (561) 393-7954
Briny Breezes**1988Ord 2-87Nancy Bozcon (561) 272-5495
Delray Beach1987/2001Title 9, Chapter 91, Sea TurtlesRick Grant (561) 243-7232
Gulf Stream**1987Division 2, Sec. 38-41 - 38-47Rita Taylor (561) 276-5116
Highland Beach1987/1999Chapter 4, Sec 4-8Michael Desorcy (561) 278-4540
Juno Beach1987/1993Part II, Chapter 4, Sec 4-4Lynn Hamil (561) 627-0818
Ocean Ridge1987/1993Chapter 66, Article I,Sec 66-2Ken Schenck (561) 732-2635
Town of Palm Beach1987/1995Chapter 74, Article II, Division 4Rob Walton (561) 227-6423
Town of South Palm Beach1988/1999/2004Chapter 26, Article X, Division 3Town of South Palm Beach Police Department (561)586-2122

Is your neighborhood on this list? Why not?

If you’d like to know more about the planning process and how to provide input in your area, 1000 Friends of Florida has a very useful resource page here.

If you’d like to help but don’t know where to start, you can find more information about how to talk to people about the problem by reading these IDA Information Sheets (PDF documents). The International Dark-Sky Association maintains these brochures, and many others, at

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